Quick Guide to Speed Roulette

speed roulette

Speed Roulette by Evolution Gaming is a thrilling variation of the classic Roulette game that injects a sense of urgency and excitement into every spin. If you’re tired of waiting around during traditional Roulette games, Speed Roulette might be the perfect choice for you. Let’s delve into what makes this game so special and why it’s gaining popularity among casino enthusiasts.

Features and Gameplay

Despite its rapid pace, Speed Roulette retains all the beloved mechanics and features of traditional Roulette. Players can still enjoy automatic rounds and save their favorite betting layouts for convenience. The game follows the European Roulette variant, with a single zero on the wheel, offering players a familiar and engaging experience with competitive odds and a high RTP of 97.30%.

Understanding Speed Roulette Payouts

speed roulette

Speed Roulette is renowned for its rapid gameplay and exciting betting opportunities. Payouts in Speed Roulette are similar to traditional roulette variants, but with an emphasis on quick results. Here’s a breakdown of the key payout aspects:

  1. Standard Bets:
    • Even Money Bets (e.g., Red/Black, Odd/Even): Payout 1:1
    • Dozen and Column Bets: Payout 2:1
    • Straight Up Bet (betting on a single number): Payout 35:1
  2. Special Bets:
    • Split Bet (betting on two adjacent numbers): Payout 17:1
    • Street Bet (betting on a row of three numbers): Payout 11:1
    • Corner Bet (betting on four adjacent numbers): Payout 8:1
  3. Additional Features:
    • Some Speed Roulette tables may offer special features like Neighbor Bets or Voisins du Zero, with varying payout odds depending on the casino’s rules.
  4. Multiplier Segments:
    • Some versions of Speed Roulette may include special multiplier segments on the wheel, which can significantly enhance payouts when the ball lands on them.

Mastering Betting Tips and Techniques in Speed Roulette

Speed Roulette requires quick thinking and strategic betting to excel in its fast-paced gameplay. Here are effective techniques to enhance your chances of winning:

  1. Focus on Outside Bets: Start with outside bets like Red/Black, Odd/Even, or High/Low. These bets offer higher odds of winning, although they come with lower payouts compared to inside bets.
  2. Utilize Pattern Recognition: Watch for patterns in previous spins to guide your betting decisions. While roulette outcomes are random, observing trends in numbers or colors can inform your next bets and provide a strategic advantage.
  3. Manage Your Bankroll: Implement a solid bankroll management strategy to sustain your gameplay. Set limits on how much you’re willing to wager per round and avoid chasing losses. This disciplined approach ensures you can enjoy the game responsibly and extend your playing time.
  4. Experiment with Combination Bets: Mix outside bets with inside bets like Split, Street, or Corner bets to diversify your betting strategy. This approach balances risk and potential reward, allowing you to cover more numbers and increase your chances of hitting a winning combination.
  5. Stay Calm and Focused: Speed Roulette moves quickly, so it’s essential to maintain composure and focus on your betting strategy. Avoid making impulsive bets that can lead to unnecessary losses. Keep a clear mind and stick to your predetermined betting plan to maximize your chances of success.
  6. Adapt to the Pace: Adjust your betting speed to match the game’s rapid pace. Anticipate the spin results and place your bets efficiently to optimize your chances of winning. Being adaptable and responsive to the game’s tempo can give you an edge over other players.
  7. Utilize Live Dealer Interaction: If the online casino offers a live dealer option, take advantage of it. Engaging with the live dealer can provide valuable insights into the game’s dynamics and add to your overall enjoyment and strategy. They may offer personalized advice or interact with players, enhancing your gaming experience.

By incorporating these advanced techniques into your Speed Roulette strategy, you can elevate your gameplay and increase your chances of achieving successful outcomes. Practice regularly to refine your skills and adapt to the fast-paced environment of Speed Roulette for a thrilling and rewarding casino experience.


Speed Roulette is a game that caters to those who seek excitement and instant gratification in their casino experience. With its quick gameplay, engaging features, and high-quality presentation, Speed Roulette offers a refreshing take on the classic game of Roulette. 

Remember, the thrill of Speed Roulette awaits you – are you up for the challenge?

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